How to stand out—even in brilliant company

Bonnie McDermid is a seasoned book editor who knows that your book is a powerful marketing tool to spread your message and grow your business.

I ensure your book is professionally edited, resonates with your target market, and helps position you as credible and compelling in your field.

Background of Buterflies

Corral Your Concept

Wondering how to corral all those book ideas? Together, we’ll organize your ideas and map out a plan so you can start writing.

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Essential Editing

Like a fine gemstone, your book will want careful polishing by an editor before you publish.

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"Bonnie McDermid is a unique, skilled, positive individual that we highly recommend as a valuable and integral member of your next book project.”
- Neil Morton and Cody May
Co-authors of What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose