Tina Dietz, Twin Flames Studios, Podcasting and Audiobooks for Thought Leaders, International Speaker

Bonnie helped draw out what was inside of me and made it a reality

Recommendation for Wordsmith.Ink’s Corral Your Concepts service.

I went with Bonnie for a deep dive and we blew out more work in two days than I had done in two years. I walked away with a full and complete understanding of the body of work that was inside me and a beautiful book outline that got me started creating my thought leadership at a whole new level.

Twin Flames Studios, Podcasting and Audiobooks for Thought Leaders, International Speaker

Tina Dietz

Neil Morton, Co-founder of Studio PTBO and Cody May, CEO of Sheridan St.

A shout out to our amazing book editor!

Bonnie is a beacon of light to work with, someone who we referred to as our “book angel”. She is not only a terrific person but an attentive listener who worked with us to capture our voice in a clear, concise manner. She helped get the most out of us throughout the writing journey, all the while making the experience fun and pleasant.

She excels at looking at the macro, big picture goal of a project and also gets into the weeds at a micro level to make sure the wording is just right. In our case, she even came up with our book title! Bonnie is a unique, skilled, positive individual that we highly recommend as a valuable and integral member of your next book project.

Neil Morton is co-founder of Studio PTBO and Cody May is CEO of Sheridan St.
Co-authors of What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose

Neil Morton and Cody May

Genie Joseph, Author of The Human-Animal Connection

Bonnie took my book to the next level

I’m so glad I discovered Bonnie! My book is long and complex, and asks readers to re-explore their views and opinions. Bonnie helped me better organize my ideas and recognize where I wasn’t as clear, precise, or concise enough to achieve my goal of connecting deeply with my audience.

My book now has a level of polish I couldn’t have achieved on my own. I give my full recommendation to Bonnie McDermid to anyone aspiring to greater effectiveness as an educator, influencer, and author.

Executive Director, The Human-Animal Connection. Author, The Human-Animal Connection

Genie Joseph


Bonnie is Our Go-To Person for Marketing Tools

"For over six years, Bonnie McDermid has ensured that our educational materials and books are presented in a high-quality, professional manner that my clients love.

Bonnie is a critical component of our team who supports our vision and goals by continually educating herself on current editorial best practices and design trends. She also recognizes and supports our evolving big-picture strategies, always looking out for our needs, not just her own.

Bonnie is very responsive, flexible, and easy to work with. She is a gem for those lucky enough to have her on their team."

Founder, Chef Marshall O'Brien Group

Chef Marshall O'Brien

Bonnie Took My Book from Mediocre to Marvelous

"I sent my book to Bonnie McDermid when it was in formatting, ready to be published. I wanted one more set of eyes on my book before I sent it out to the world. Bonnie read it and told me it wasn’t ready. I cringed and considered her advice.

Then I trusted Bonnie to take my book to another level of excellence. Together, we went through my book several times and tightened up the structure and developed the overall design of the book. Bonnie preserved my voice, enhanced what I had already written, and helped me let go of unnecessary words. She treated my book as if it was as important to her as it is to me. And authors know what a powerful statement that is. Thanks to Bonnie, my book is stronger and hopefully, a jewel in the hands of my readers."

Author, Fire of Hope: Finding Treasure in the Rubble EVVY Award Winner

Shauna L. Hoey

maze of thorns

Fulfilling Experience for First-Time Authors

"As first-time authors with little experience, Bonnie McDermid created a clear and easy path for us to follow and guided us through it effortlessly.

Because our book is a memoir, it was extremely important to us to have an editor who could connect to our story emotionally, yet be able to detach and view it from the reader’s perspective. It was an amazing, fulfilling experience and we came away from this journey with a wonderful friend in Bonnie, for which we are truly grateful and blessed."

Authors, Maze of Thorns

Kris Kelbrants and Sherry Shuss

spice secrets

Eight Books and Counting

"The Chef Marshall O’Brien Group has worked with Bonnie McDermid for over six years on eight book projects and all of our promotional materials. Bonnie truly has an eye for style and a flair for creating excitement. She is constantly reviewing trends so that our materials are leading edge. We would be lost without her."

VP Operations, Chef Marshall O'Brien Group

Robert Bossman


Bonnie Helps My Business Grow

"For over twenty years, Bonnie McDermid has helped my business grow by creating beautiful and effective marketing tools and campaigns that keep my products in front of my customers.

One of Bonnie’s greatest contributions to my business was her instrumental role in the publication of my book, Eating Out of Heaven’s Garden. Bonnie was the editor, publishing guide, and graphic designer for the interior of the book. You will be very happy with Bonnie’s work, too."

CEO, Teri Secrest International, Royal Crown Diamond, Young Living

Teri Secrest