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My clients and I work closely to ensure you and your brand are powerfully represented on your website, in print and in person.

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Insightful Editor

Need fresh eyes? After a time, writers are simply too close to their work to be objective--and that’s when an editor is essential. I will review your copy with fresh eyes and offer recommendations for buffing and polishing it while preserving your unique voice. 

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Eagle-Eyed Proofreader

Yes, spelling still matters! We find and correct those little mistakes so that your book, website and marketing collateral reflect the very best about you and your business.

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Project Manager and Publishing Guide

This book sherpa has the know-how to manage your writing project from start to finish, whether you’re creating website copy, marketing collateral or a book.
Planning on self-publishing? I'll guide you through the indy publishing world with ease.

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Strategic Thinker and Planner

Corral those ideas! If you are blessed with an abundance of ideas for blogs, books, chapter topics, etc., it can be difficult to know where to begin. I'll help you map out your ideas and create a plan so you can start writing. I'll also analyze your plan from a marketing communications perspective and ensure that it moves you and your business toward your goals. 

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