We will be brilliant together!

No matter where you are in the process of creating your book, I can help you get it done—and done beautifully.

What support do you need today?

Bonnie McDermid can edit and polish your book until it shines

These are the ways I can help you shine:


Editing Expertise

My authors depend on the insights and guidance I’ve gained over 20 years of editing publications and books. While my process is flexible, working in partnership with an author creates the most enjoyable working relationship as well as the best possible book.

Audience Insights

I read your manuscript three ways: First, as an editor concerned with the nitty gritty of correct, organized and effective communication; second, as a member of your target audience concerned with the strength and resonance of your messaging; and third, as a member of your marketing team focused on your credibility and the success of your book in the context of your business and profession.

Organizational Expertise

Every book is carefully organized so the topics flow logically as well as persuasively to ensure the reader stays engaged.

Marketing Savvy

Every book is selling something–an idea, a program, a service. Thus, each author and book project benefits from my strategic thinking about brand, positioning and messaging, learned from my years in corporate and marketing communications.

Business Insight

I appreciate the unique communication challenges faced by a businesses from solopreneurs to start-ups to established corporations.